In Public In This Week

Last Monday, the June freshman live concert took place. On every Monday, my classes are only in the morning; speaking and German. So after the German class ended, I joined some members of my club, and went to the live music club, where we held the concert.
Then, we had a rehearsal and waited the opening of the concert. At five the June concert finally began. My turn was the sixth. Fidgeting, I watched and listened to the performances of the former bands. When it was coming to my turn, I went to the backstage, arranged for my performance. Though I played with all my might, I made some mistakes. However, I could also enjoy it certainly. My turn finished, I appreciated the performances of others. That’s so cool!

Though I got to be relieves to manage my performance, I also feel a little lonely. Why I feel so is that it was the last playing with that band which was made up by the seniors of the club for this live. There are so kind and nice that I cannot help appreciate and cannot thank them too much. Though I’m beginner and poor in playing the bass guitar, they coached me gently and backed me up. I could more enjoy playing the bass thank to them.

After the concert, I went to a restaurant to have dinner and studied there to the morning with some of my friend in the club. Although we were tired of a long standing during the concert, we tried to stay up all night. It’s like crazy! Two of the friends were unusually high-spirited and talkative and scrawled a lot of stupid pictures as if they had lost themselves. I think it was work of the power of the night. I want to think so.) On the other hand, another two of the friends studied seriously. Sitting between the two groups, the other friend and I were pretty uncomfortable.
The next day, Tuesday, we went to the university directly. I took a class of the constitution, and I came home to bring the text books of English and humanics. I had an announcement in humanics class about the change in the thought of nature. In the preparation of it, I referred to my notebooks of ethics and world history. I reminded the ethics class in high school and got to want to see my teachers. However, I was going to see them on the next Wednesday luckily because I was asked to speak about how to prepare for entrance examination by one of my teachers in high school, Ms. Kuwahara, who taught me English from junior high school days, certainly in third year of high school. It is not too much to say I owe her to enter the university. Actually, in junior high school I had too bad grade in English and she gave me many supplementary lessons. However, it resulted in vain because I was lazy about learning. (I think the cause of such laziness is negligence that I could be promoted to high school because of the six-year secondary education system.) So when I told her that I passed the entrance exam of Sophia University, she was surprised and complained to me for a laugh that I should bring back her pains, and I said I’m very sorry and thank you so much.

I’ll talk about the time when I was asked by her in the next contribution because in this time there were not enough the number of letters left.
See you again!


After a ling time...

I’m sorry for a delay yet again.
Recently it is becoming hot and I hear the rainy season has set in. How are you? I’m a little in poor health. Please be careful!
I’m really gloomy on rainy days. But I like this season because summer is coming. I love summer! And I dislike the cold. In winter, I wish I could hole up. So I far like the heat. However, the air-conditioning is too high in most rooms and trains. I also dislike it. All I need in summer are an electric fan and a window. It's more healthy and environment-friendly than using air-conditioner!

Well. As I wrote before, I've been to Tokyo Disney Land with my best friend on first Sunday of this month. You know, there were so many people on holiday, but I didn't mind because of the enough spread and the truly suitable control of it.
So, we tried to enjoy the attractions without Fast Pass. Without it you have to wait your turn in a line so long, and you usually use it. Of course we know. But we were tied of going the rounds of the attractions in the same way and wanted to have fun in a new way. As we expected, we had to form a queue whenever we would like to take any attractions. Certainly we were tired, but we were not boring because of lovely nonsense talking of us.
In addition, I bought a hair band with a pair of the Disney character’s ears for the first time. Well, though I have been Disneyland several times, I had never bought any hair band... since I felt anyway embarrassed. The friend bought a hair band of Minnie Mouse with a pretty bat and sweet laceworks and I bought one with Stitch’s ears although I don’t especially like this character.(Surely, I like it. But not especially) After all, when I tried to wear ears and ears, we found it suit moderately with me. Opposite to it, the ears of Dambo so much suited that you had never seen and those of Bambi made me like an animal it lives in a wood. Stitch was compromise.
Besides, I bought some gifts such as cookies that are very delicious and I gave out them to my friends.

Now, the other day the movie "Pirates of Caribbean -World End-" was released. I would like to go to see it! I love this series of the movie and I love works about pirates, say, the comic "ONE PEACE" and so on. I adore this theme anyway! Indeed, I hear that my ancestor was a kind of pirates in Setonaikai. Is it the reason? It doesn't matter to me.
Anyway, I love pirates enough to borrow a book about them from the library. The book is named "Pirates who was lost to history", and written about their history and some of the famous pirates. It's so exciting to me!
On Thursday of last week, I was going to make a speech about pirates on the speaking class. I prepared hard for it. However, I'm so foolish that I got up too late and missed the class. I was shocked so much. Besides, I was absent from the class on Monday before that Thursday... That's wrong. My bad habit is coming out. I must prevent it at all costs! Otherwise, I'll fail speaking class and so on. I have to stop being likely to oversleep.

By the way, the freshman live concert of my club is taking place tomorrow. Of course, I’ll play in the concert as I said formerly. I’m looking forward to play but feel uneasy too! I hope to work out... Anyway, I’ll do my best!! All I can do is only it.
See you again.


May disease?

Hello! How is it going?
I’m fine, because I had something exciting last week and I'm getting rid of May disease!

Yes, I’m a little ill with May disease. Though I'm always likely to sleep late and capable of being late, I was too often late in these week. That’s wrong! I have to correct this habit right now... Well, as soon as possible. I’m sorry, I would like to quit this bad habit certainly, but I can't sure I can do it. Since I was at junior high school, I had been late so always that I was said to be well-known for lateness in our grade. Thanks to the great number of my lateness, all of my teachers seem to be troubled about promotions and all the like. I cannot apologize and thank them too much! Thank you!
Oh, that reminds me. Recently, one of my former teachers called me up and left messages on the answering-machine. She taught English to me in the third year of high school and made me enter the university. I’m greatly obliged to her for her instruction. Even so, why she called me? What she tried to tell me? ...Yes, I’ll give her another call soon. ...What she wants me??

By the way, I’ll talk about something exciting in these days.
Last Thursday I had a first practice with the band!
To my regret, one of the members absented himself from practice, in order to go to the live of his favorite artist. However, because he is the vocal, we could practice instrumental ensemble. That’s very fun! And I think we could do it better than I had expected. We could play it for the last, though the drums and I, the bass, are beginners! (Though the drums is beginner, he is a senior and has played another instrument.) That’s very happy for me! Besides, the members praised me for playing! While perhaps it might be flattery, I was so delighted! It was also nice that we talked over dinner after practice.
By the way, we played RADWIMPS’s “masu.” in this practice, which is the song I recommended as one of the four songs, we’re going to play in the June Concert. Then last Monday, we finished deciding the other songs. These are Get up Kids’s “Holiday”, Arch Enemy’s “Silver Wing”, and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant’s “Abakareta Sekai”. I have never listened to most of these songs and I’m glad to listen to songs unknown to me. I’m practicing these songs hard at present! Yeah!

Besides, I’m getting accustomed to my part-time job in the supplementary private school and becoming to be able to enjoy it. To be honest, it is hard for me to work without the induction courses that the new teachers are to take. I didn’t know what and how I have to do, and I couldn’t be familiar with the coworkers and the students. Though that’s very hard situation for me, now, after the inductions and the welcome party, I can find enjoyment in my work. So, besides I had additions of my students, I’ll do my best more than ever before!

In addition, in the evening of the day before yesterday, I saw my best friend again and talk over dinner. We stayed in the restaurant for five hours indeed! We had nothing special, but the talk didn’t run out and the time ran out before we know it anyway. Are we fools? Then, we promised to go Tokyo Disney Land in next Sunday. I’m looking forward to it! But I worry a little about my strength. I know I should build up my health, but I don’t like exercise except a walk. I know I’m wrong but I can’t help it.

May all tomorrows bring us happiness!
See you ;)


Unexpected Holidays :-)

Hello. While measles is about, are you fine? I wish you would not have measles.
I’m all right because of several vaccinations in childhood. Thank you, my dear parents!
Well, I got sudden holidays for a week that is longer than golden week! Besides, these holidays are unexpectedly very expansive and greatly nice.
Am I imprudent? If so, I’m sorry.
But the epidemic of measles is very good opportunity to get a mail from a friend of mine who are preparing for the entrance examinations to enter a national medical school after she graduated from high school with me. She seemed to care about me, thankfully. I hope she succeeds in the entrance examination of next year and I believe it.

Now, I’ll talk about my happy events.
First, I saw my best friend and stayed with her the next weekend of the day we were informed of the unexpected holidays. We have been friend from junior high school and I can tell her anything. After graduation from high school, she entered a technical collage of interior design. I was dearly happy to saw her because I haven’t seen her for a long time since we graduated from high school. We chatted all night unawares, but we wouldn’t be tired. Though I said we didn’t weary in the night, as you expected we came sleepy during the daytime.
Anyway, we amused each other and I realized I could quite relax with her. I hope to see her at no distant date. So we promise to go to Tokyo Disney Land together in next month because both of us haven’t visited there for a long time.

The next Monday, I got a bass guitar!
The color of the bass is cream and its pick guard is red. This pretty design attracted me. I really wavered between it and another one whose body is blue and pick guard is brown. I also like this design, but I made up my mind to get cream one with some advice of my seniors who visited together to help the freshmen including me, who would like to get new instruments.
Then I bought the bass, I couldn’t take it home because I had a part-time job after evening. So I had to come to the shop again to take my bass in another day. Besides I also had to buy a bass amplifier, and I had no knowledge of it. Accordingly I asked two friends of mine in the club to come and help me to choose an amplifier.
In next day, we met around the Ochanomizu station, took my bass, shopped an amplifier and talked over snack in a first food restaurant. Then I gave them word cards and word books as my thanks for their coming, which when I studied for the examinations I bought but didn’t use. Why I did so is they said that they use these items to learn Russian before (They are in the department of Russian of our university).
At all, I was also glad to saw them :)
Now, I am at practice on the bass for the concert in June. I am looking forward to it, but I worry whether I can come to be able to play. Anyway, to sweep away the anxiety as well as to carry out the concert, I have to practice hard.

By the way, in these days I feel like going to an aquarium. No. I am eager to go to an aquarium somehow!
I said it so often as if I am a fool that a friend of mine was surprised. Excuse me! However, even for me this reason is unknown. I want to see fishes, aquatic mammals, starfishes and so on. I should go in the holidays of measles. Is there somebody who goes to an aquarium with me? However, on this occasion, I may go some aquariums alone on some Monday; I have classes only in the morning. It seems to be as happy as with friends on holiday. Anyway, I would like to see ingredient of sea foods... Why?
Also I feel like visiting a museum for example Ueno National Museum, and a zoo. How come? I cannot understand this feeling of mine. What for??

While weekday came back again, I’m so sleepy. That’s wrong. I have to take back the rhythm of living soon.
It’s already the time to go to bed.
See you again.


Music and I

Hi! How are you? Did you enjoy your golden week?

The first day of this golden week, I went to Takeshita Street, called by my friends.
I knew that in every golden week Takeshita Street is badly crowded.
I dislike crowd, so I opposed going there. However, one of my friends, who wanted to go there, persuaded me to give up and follow her.
As I expected, there are so many people that their heads looked like very big cloth.
This sight is strange enough for me to feel funny.
Why they came there while they knew this situation, though they couldn’t look goods and think about them adequately to choose?
I couldn’t think that they came there to buy clothes, but to see so many people!
Because our sight were filled with people! I was cracked up by the sight!
However I hate to enter the crowd anyway, so I left there right away and waited at another street where is not crowded until my friends finished to shop.
I couldn’t feel like shopping in such a crowd, differing from my friends.
Surely, I was happy to be with my friends, but I was tired out.

Instead, I had a lazily time next Friday and Saturday. I read my favorite comics and I could be refreshed. I love to read comics but I couldn’t have read them enough since I entered university. Then, I’m interested in a series of comics, “Honey and clover” now.
Besides, on Saturday I went to a CD rental shop and rented some CDs to which my friend recommended me to listen. One of the CDs is Franz Ferdinand’s “You Could Have It So Much Better”. In this CD, there is very famous a song as the BGM of commercial message of i-pod. Not to mention this song, the songs are very cool and exciting and delightful! Though they are certainly rock music and band music, they are also dance music! It is very new to me.
The other day, I bought a CD, Arctic Monkeys’ “Favorite Worst Nightmare”. I heard that they will play in the last of Summer Sonic after I bought it. I was convinced by this information. Their music is so wonderful! Lately, I’m fascinated with UK rock. Needless to say, I also love USA rock. They have different attractions, and I love both kinds of music. Simply my interest leans to UK rock now.

Well, some weeks ago an accident happened to my pretty guitar. The nut of my guitar came off when I was changing the old strings for the new strings! I was very surprised and confused with this happening, and I put back the nut and stick it with bond in panic. It seems to be no problem at the time, but I worried about it. Then, a few weeks ago I asked my seniors about it in the clubroom. They said that the safety of my guitar was lightly doubtful but repair was not needed for the present. In addition, some days ago I asked my friend of the club the same matter again. He said that as long as there is no trouble there is also no necessity to repair. However if I feel it too uneasy, I may need to have my guitar repaired to ease me of the anxiety. So far my guitar has no trouble, so I am using my guitar without repair.

Now, I will mention a meeting with my guitar.
I bought it on February of the second year of high school. Yes, it is the time we start to prepare for university entrance examination. So I used to go a cram school in Ochanomizu to take spring courses. In Ochanomizu, there are so many musical instrument shops. For a long time, I wanted a guitar or a bass guitar. However, in high school I have no friend who can talk about music and I gave up playing music and buying any musical instruments until I enter university. So I became to be anxious to get a guitar easily and I bought an acoustic guitar. (The reason why I would like a guitar instead of a bass guitar is that with an acoustic guitar I can enjoy on my own, but with a bass guitar I become to want someone to play music together.)

Oh, I filled out it!
See you next week :)


I love them!

Hello! How are you?
I’m sorry for this delay. I failed to plan for my homework....
I’ll see that I never repeat such a miss.

A few weeks ago, I visited my high school to give my juniors the textbooks and the cram books that I used to read when I was preparing for an examination.
Then, I saw my teacher who were from Sophia University and taught me English in the second grade in high school, Mr.Ichikawa.
He congratulated me on entering Sophia University and I thanked him because he is a teacher who made me like English!
When I showed my schedule of the classes, he told that he used to be taught by Mr.Ikeda
who is teaching me English grammar now!
Sure, there was no wonder because he graduated Sophia University about five years ago.
However, I was surprised and very happy that I can be taught his teacher.

Besides, the other day, I saw my friends who belonged to the literature club together in high school and our club adviser, Mrs.Yamada.
We met at the Musashi Koganei station, and went to the ice cream shop where our senior works. In the ice cream shop, we talk about each university over ice cream and coffee.
We entered different universities and even departments.
So, nobody led a similar life to that of anybody and the talks about each university are very interesting.
After we left the ice cream shop, we ate dinner in a family restaurant near the station.
I ate bonito steak and salad there. They are quite delicious!
While we ate dinner, I consult Mrs.Yamada about my hesitation about having the teaching course or not.
From high school days I have wanted to be a teacher,
because I disliked study itself before I was taught by Mr.Ichikawa.
Whether we like to study or not, we had to study in high school.
It was too hard for us to escape studying.
So, I became to hope to be a teacher who can understand feelings of students who hate studying and help them to rescue their mind from such bad situations; I want to let them like studying naturally as Mr.Ichikawa did for me.
Mrs.Yamada agreed with me and told me the pleasure of teaching. However, I lost the confidence that I can do it and then my faith is faltering now.
From this April, I have taught as a tutor in a supplemental private school.
In this work, I find it difficult for me to teach something to students,
and also realized my unskilled teaching.
Though it is very happy to teach children, I became to worry whether I made students hate studying with my poor teaching.
I never want to do so. I want to avoid only it.
Teaching is so difficult for me...but, I would like to let children know that it is happy to like to study still.
Well, I think to consider this problem for a while.

Anyway, I enjoyed this meeting, and I would like to see them again.
In next May, the sport festival is taking place in our high school.
I’m looking forward to visiting the festival. In our high school,
as the final event of the sport festival students and seniors gather with each club and dance Nikou Bayashi together.
When I was at high school, I love this event though I don’t like doing sports well.
I was happy to see seniors after a long time since we met last,
but now I’m in opposite position to last year and I expect to join the event as a senior for the first time!

It’s about end. Next time, I will never be late!
See you again.


My first article!

Hello! My name is Tact.
I am a university student and studying English literature.
I hope to see more of you.
Honestly, I’m a little nervous about writing in this blog for the first time.
But I’ll try to throw away such a feeling,
and I’ll do my best to write something interesting.
Please enjoy it!

Well, I’ll mention my aim in this year first.
It is that I want to shorten the distance I feel between myself and English.
Because I hope to finally understand and taste
how and what the native English speakers feel and think
when they speak English as I speak Japanese.

The reason why I hope so is that I love music especially rock.
I love Western rock music as well as Japanese rock music.
However, I’m poor in English and I can’t understand the lyrics of Western rock as well as those of Japanese rock.
That’s too disappointing!
I want to understand the lyrics more smoothly and deeply!!

Besides, it is one more reason that I like to read stories, especially fantasy, fairy tale, and fable.
For example, I love Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.
However, in translation I can’t taste the most of the amusement,
such as the plays of words like puns that they needs knowledge of the linguistic and cultural background.
These are the main reasons why I am learning English.

Next, I talk about the reason why I am studying literature instead of language.
When I was in high school, I belonged to the literature club.
This is very nice club to me.

There are all unique members and their also interesting works.
You know, we write some novels, poems, or essays (but few members like to write essays. Somehow, we generally like to write novels or poems.)
Of course, I made some works for three years in this club.
And the most favorite one is named “The stars dance on the railway or The star’s dance on the railway” which I wrote in the summer of second year.

In this story, the hero and the heroine met on the railway in very cold, windy winter night while holding each completely different but very similar problem in their hearts.
And then, they talked on the railway every night.
They mutually thought the other’s situation was better and enviable.
In the end, they got a certain feeling but I can’t explain well what it is. (So I wrote this story!)
I mean, what I wanted to describe in this story is the conflict in a teenager’s heart, such as the worry about independence from parents.

Then, we traveled in the summer vacation to a small hotel in Okutama every year.
In the travel, we discussed a story about which we were going to exhibit the reports in school festival in September, such as L.F.Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and SADA Masashi’s “Gege”.
The discussions were very exciting and interesting!
So, I felt like having such discussions more, and decided to enter Faculty of English literature.

Accordingly, I’m happy in the Speaking class (Not flattery!),
because the activities in the class is so similar to the discussion in the club trip
that there is only one difference; in English or Japanese.

Now, what should I say?
I wrote about 500words, but I am to write 700words!
I feel it is very difficult for me to write 700words blog even in Japanese......

Well, I’ll talk about my favorites.
You know, my hobbies are playing and listening to music, walking, and taking a long bath.
When I was a junior high school student, I belonged to the brass band club and played the euphonium that appears only in brass band and rarely in orchestras. (“Jupiter” and “Mars” of the suite “The Planets” of Gustav Holst is famous.)
This musical instrument is very cool and its sound is very mild.
I love euphonium!
However the brass band activity needs too much time for me to do other things,
and I wanted to do other activities like literature club.
So I didn’t belong to the brass band club in high school and joined the literature club.
Both clubs are very good.

Now, I’m going to participate in the band music club and play the bass guitar.
Since I began to play the euphonium, I love bass part!
Bass is very cool and bright.(But it is not so noticeable. That’s wrong!)
I’m looking forward to playing the bass guitar with my lovely acoustic guitar.

Oh, I have written more 700words! I could work out this homework!
I feel like praising myself!

OK, see you again!

Tact. 07.04.18.